Effortlessly Redact 50+ Entities of Personal Data from Call & Chat Transcripts in 47 Languages

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The Privacy Layer for Software

Private AI makes privacy and GDPR compliance fast, easy, and reliable. We leverage the latest NLP technology to work with unstructured datasets to redact PII, PHI & PCI with 99.5% accuracy. With Private AI you can: 

Why Private AI?

We use the latest in transformer architectures to achieve remarkable accuracy out of the box, no third party processing required. Our technology has outperformed every other redaction service on the market. Feel free to ask us for a copy of our evaluation toolkit to test on your own data.

99.5% Accuracy*

Our contextual NLP solution delivers industry leading performance out of the box. Plus we can deliver custom tuned models.

47 Languages

Private AI accurately detects personally identifiable information in 47 languages (and growing!).

50+ Entities

We redact 50+ different types of PII, PHI, and PCI, with complete coverage of the GDPR, CPRA, and HIPAA.

100% Private

Deploys as a single container in your existing infrastructure so your data never leaves your environment.

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From all of the PII redaction products we’ve seen out there (and believe me, we’ve seen all of them), Private AI is the best one by far in terms of accuracy, types of data that can be redacted, and flexibility of their models. After doing a side by side comparison it quickly became clear to us that we couldn’t go back to using something like AWS Comprehend.

Sebastian Jimenez
Founder, Rilla Voice

99.5%+ Accuracy

Number quoted is the number of PII words missed as a fraction of total number of words. Computed on a 268 thousand word internal test dataset, comprising data from over 50 different sources, including web scrapes, emails and ASR transcripts.

Please contact us for a copy of the code used to compute these metrics, try it yourself here, or download our whitepaper.


Testé sur un ensemble de données composé de données conversationnelles désordonnées contenant des informations de santé sensibles. Téléchargez notre livre blanc pour plus de détails, ainsi que nos performances en termes d’exactitude et de score F1, ou contactez-nous pour obtenir une copie du code d’évaluation.