The Data Conundrum: Navigating Healthcare Privacy Legislation in Canada

The Canadian healthcare and health tech space is robust and growing at warp speed. Globally health tech, especially in the AI field, is evolving much faster than privacy legislation can keep pace. As such, with most sensitive of data at hand, this conundrum is becoming a complex space to navigate in the Canadian privacy legislative spectrum … Read more


Testé sur un ensemble de données composé de données conversationnelles désordonnées contenant des informations de santé sensibles. Téléchargez notre livre blanc pour plus de détails, ainsi que nos performances en termes d’exactitude et de score F1, ou contactez-nous pour obtenir une copie du code d’évaluation.

99.5%+ Accuracy

Number quoted is the number of PII words missed as a fraction of total number of words. Computed on a 268 thousand word internal test dataset, comprising data from over 50 different sources, including web scrapes, emails and ASR transcripts.

Please contact us for a copy of the code used to compute these metrics, try it yourself here, or download our whitepaper.